Annia Claire Soronio

Annia Claire is from Cebu, Philippines. She’s a freelancer who specializes in content writing, book editorial, proofreading, and also beginning to explore copywriting and making wonderful landing pages. She adores nature, simple life, and would fight to death for her privacy. She loves writing and she aspires to have her own website and become a famous blogger.

This website serves as a portfolio and a blogging site of the author. She offers web content writing, copywriting, and book editorials–all within her capability. She specializes in the area of financial literacy, digital marketing, and some informative articles.

Being a freelancer and hustler, she believed that a well-established portfolio would win her dream clients’ hearts. In fact, there’s a lot of competition going on, so let your portfolio speak louder than anything. Annia saw a great opportunity in the freelancing world, but one must also do their part to get to the top. It’s not just an overnight success story. She would say, “Hustle while they were sleeping.”

And as a marketing student, she really has an affinity for marketing products, and with the power of persuasion wielded into words, you’ll have it! But above anything else, she aspires to become a famous blogger and copywriter and make a living from doing something she loves.